Monday, July 31, 2006

Arts & Culture: Grbavica

This film looks excellent, it has won numerous awards and the praise of critics; even more importantly, it deals with a very important and difficult topic.
As this movie has been getting so much praise, I hope that it will at least be nominated for an "Best Foreign Film" Academy Award; not only would it help remind people that the two biggest perpetrators of the war are still free but of the fact that there are thousands of people who everyday still have to deal with the war.
Hopefully it will be released on DVD in the US.

The issue of war time rape, and especially issues dealing with the children produced as a result of these rapes is a difficult topic, but it is one that needs to be fully dealt with. Hopefully this movie will contribute to the full social acceptance of the children; as well as remembering the horrific crime of systematic rape perpetrated during the war as part of the ethnic cleansing plan.

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