Wednesday, July 19, 2006

K&M Watch: Karadzic coming to the big screen

Well sort of. Richard Gere will star in "Springbreak in Bosnia" the story of an American reporter who goes to Bosnia to search for the war time leader/war criminal. The movie is scheduled to start filming in the fall.

No words on who is going to play Karadzic.

From the discription of the film it sounds like the movie will less focus on the war crimes, and will probably be more of a dark comedy about the search for Karadzic. (At least that is the impression I got from the very brief blurb).

I think the idea is great-especially since it will get Karadzic's name back in the mainstream press after all these years. Hopefully his newfound publicity will help renew efforts to find him. I also hope that the film doesn't just focus on the reporter's search for Karadzic, but also show exactly WHY we are searching for Karadzic in the first place.

Of course, the only house I want to see Karadzic play to is the ICTY trial chamber.


Yakima_Gulag said...
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Catherine said...

Did you hear the rumour a few months ago that Antun Vrdoljak (eminent Croatian film director, who ran Croatian broadcasting for a time under Tuđman) was planning an action film about Ante Gotovina?

Allegedly starring Goran Višnjić as the man himself...