Thursday, July 27, 2006

Resources: Genocide Denial /justification

There are some great resources/blogs out there with regards to genocide denial of Srebrenica and Bosnia.

Balkan Witness

This is an excellent portal of articles, analysis with regard to genocide denial and justification in Bosnia.

Essays by Marko Atila Hoare: (Looks at Genocide denial by the extreme left)
Srebrenica & The London Bombing

Nothing is Left

Americans for Bosnia Blog:
Kirk is doing a very thorough analysis of genocide denier Diane Johnstone's book "Fool's Crusade."
Americans for Bosnia Blog

Srebrenica Genocide Blog:
Daniel's blog includes tons of articles and editorials regarding the Srebrenica genocide, including some very good responses to those who deny a genocide in Srebrenica.
Srebrenica genocide blog


yo4rker said...

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robbinshood said...

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oldtownboys said...

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bdfytoday said...

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Anonymous said...

Good collection, very useful. But, I'm not so sure about the Srebrenica Genocide Blog. It seems more intent on using the massacre as a political weapon against Serbs and all those who don't go along with the Bosnian governments view. For example, it perpetuates the Bosnian governments propaganda attack on the Canadian UNPROFOR commander for joining in raping Bosniak women at Serbian run rape camps (which, was, of course, not true).