Sunday, July 30, 2006

Resources: Tuzla Photo Blog

Jazzy's "Tuzla Daily Photo Blog" includes a photo per day from Tuzla, as well as her comments on the people, politics, architecture, and natural surroundings of the city.

Tuzla Photo Blog

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Srebrenica Massacre said...

Copy of my response to friends Owen and Shaina:

Hi guys, don't make a big deal out of this. It's just an analysis. And you know well my friends that Bosnian language does not use any articles that we find in English language, so if you guys notice that I screw up with the English articles ("a", "an", and "the") please feel free to correct me.

War crimes did occur on both sides and we can all agree on that, but there is not comparison between genocide and individual war crimes and Shaina did not even attempt to equate these things. However, when one makes a claim that war crimes occured on all sides it is absolutely crucial to immediately remind readers that there is absolutely no comparison between genocide and individual war crimes in the Srebrenica area. This must be done immediately, because readers might decide not to read the whole article and they might succumb to moral relativism. It is just some arguments that I find troublesome, such as that both ethnicities suffered greatly in the Srebrenica area, which is totally not true. Around 400 Serbs died in Srebrenica area (Central Podrinje), around 300 of them were soldiers, not to mention that Bosnian Serbs did not live for years under the siege in Srebrenica or any other city in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Nobody blocked their humanitarian convoys.

Anyways, don't make a big deal out of this article. I know that whatever Shaina said, she meant well. And my article should in NO way be construed as an attack on her. What one should get out of my article is just a personal observation and analysis in which I attempted to add to her argumentation. Nothing more.

I am proud of both Shaina and Owen and thank you for not denying Genocide. I am sick of people like Ed Herman, Jared Israel, Thomas Deichman and other lowlives who reduced themselves to Srebrenica genocide deniers. People like them are sick and I wish them - and other Srebrenica genocide deniers - to get cancer and die of terminal illness slowly in suffering and pain. Same wish is also extended to cowards such as Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic and other garbages of this planet no matter what ethnicity they are.

For Owen and Shaina, of course, I wish all the best. If this article is in any way offensive to Shaina - I will remove it, it's that simple, please let me know. So, cheers.