Sunday, July 16, 2006


Important links and resources related to Bosnia and the ICTY.

Important basic resources:

1. ICTY website: live video feed, case information sheets, case transcripts, judgements, legal documents on the court, court history and internship opportunities, news archive.

2. video archives, tons of resources-articles, videos, books, transcripts etc. relating to the break up of the former Yugoslavia and subsequent wars.

3. Bridging the Gap (part of serves to provide information about war crimes tribunals to the local communities in Bosnia. Includes video clips, case information sheets, photos etc.
A. Brcko Cases
B. Foca Cases
C. Konjic Cases
D. Prijedor Cases
E. Srebrenica Cases

4. Domovina Tribunal Page(part of Full length documentaries on the background and beginning years of the Hague Tribunal. Information on war crime suspects still at large, intercepted telephone conversations between Milosevic, Mladic, and Karadzic, etc.

5. Sense News Agency: Provides news clips, transcripts of documentaries related to the war crimes tribunals, rotating news clips relating to the war crimes tribunal (in BHS)

6. Institute for War and Peace Reporting:Offers detailed articles on the trials, as well as information with regards to other war crimes tribunals and related peace & justice topics.

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