Thursday, July 27, 2006

Travel: Sarajevo

Let's face it, for many Americans, Sarajevo has become synonymous with sniper deaths, bread line massacres and pockmarked streets. This great article from the NYT looks at Sarajevo today, and gives an overview of some of the best places to eat & visit while in the city.

Yes, I realize the article is several months old ;-)

Travel in Sarajevo

Dveri Resteraunt looks particularly good.

I realize the that the article says that Svetlana "Ceca" Raznatovic is a Bosniak; although I'm pretty much positive that she is Serbian.


Catherine said...

Yeah, she's Serbian. Wonder if they've mixed her up with Lepa Brena (nee Fikreta Jahić)? Or even Seka Aleksić - Bosniak on her Dad's side as far as I recall...

Kirk Johnson said...

There is only one English-language travel guide to Bosnia, the Bradt guide. A second edition has just been released.

It's on Amazon, and I'm sure you can find it elsewhere.

cindy said...

I lived in Sarajevo for 8 months, teaching IT at a Bosniak secondary school. Had one of the best time there. I guess we have to actual go to and live at the place, see for ourselves whether it's dangerous or not.
You're 99.999% correct (since there is no thing is 100%) about Ceca's being a Serbian. She's the queen or Turbo folk, the culture icon of Serbia. This is one of the reason why many Bosniak hate (despite) Turbo folk.
My thought about Turbo folk is here: