Monday, August 14, 2006

Article: Bosnian Question or Re Balkanisation of the Balkans



Bg anon said...

Hmm not sure really. Reports are now suggesting that police arrested (and released??) some Bosnian citizens who now live in Germany or Holland.

INTERPOL is also involved - which is a positive because Im always concerned that authorities down here will taylor the result of an investigation to their own benefit.

The report is a bit slanted against the Serbs, have to say. I regularly read the Serbian press, including the gutter press like Kurir and havent seen any connections to Al Kaida. The Serbian gutter press has been suggesting the context of the suspected war crime tape but little else.

Unless the journalist means Bosnian Serb media, of course which I havent read. That would be an error.

Another 'error' in the piece is that it was RTS (Boo unreformed Milosevic mouthpiece!) that aired the videotape. It was B92 (horray pro-western reformist!) that first aired the video of alleged attrocities comitted against Croatian Serbs.

Shaina said...

Thanks for your corrections and clarifications of the articles.