Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bosnia Report: Apr-Jul Issue

Their April-July issue was put online a few weeks ago; a few of the articles can also be found in previous issues, but they're all interesting and informative.
Especially good is an article by Emir Suljagic very personal reflection of the issues at the heart of the ICJ case.

Also some great articles on politics in the Balkans, the ICTY and more.



Srebrenica Massacre said...
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Srebrenica Massacre said...

I wish Bosnian Institute would do more frequent updates! The problem is, before they re-publish articles on their website, they seek authors' permissions to do so. That's what takes time. Well, it's always nice to ask....

Srebrenica Massacre said...

Hey Shaina,
please send me your email, just post it as a comment to my blog; I moderate blog, so your email will not end up in wrong hands. I already have Owen's email, I spoke to him about getting your email to, so three of us can stay in touch. What do you think?