Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SENSE articles on Srebrenica Trial

Articles on Del Ponte and McClosky's opening statements.

Del Ponte: Justice Not Revenge For Srebrenica

McClosky: More and More Serbs prepared to talk about Srebrenica

The lawyer for Beara also gave his opening statement today, I'm assuming the lawyers for the other six defendents will give their opening statements on Wed.
(And I'll add articles on their opening statements once I find them)

The first witness is slated to testify on Thursday.


Bg anon said...

Sorry this is off topic but I saw this report today about the alleged arrest of a Bosnian citizen for bombing Izetbegovic's grave. I dont know how much truth there is to it but I'm sure you are interested:

Srebrenica Massacre said...

hi bg,

I asked for your opinion on Srebrenica genocide, you have not responded. Well, it's your choice. I did not get any comments from you on my blog

Bg anon said...

I replied to you at my blog sm.

I am of course a normal person and my opinion of mass murder, genocide or not is that its criminal, inexcusable.

Like with all crimes prevention is as important as punishment if not more so. And I think that images of crimes for example are ineffective means of preventing such things from happening again. I dont like the way these things make me feel 'how can anybody do such things' 'murderers, scum etc'
(I then think I would never do such a thing because I'm so civilised - yeah right how would I know since I've never fought in a war). I do not like that feeling of superiority.

Much more effective are initiatives to make people relate to each other on a human level.

Bg anon said...

Second thoughts you are right. You paid me the courtesy of visiting my blog so I will do the same and comment soon.

But dont get upset with me for having a differnt opinion ok?