Monday, August 21, 2006

War Crimes Tribunal: Srebrenica Trial

The trial of seven Bosnian Serb officers charged with crimes committed in Srebrenica in July 1995 has officially opened, after the Prosecution's original opening statements were put on hold before the summer break. Five of the seven officers are charged with genocide. The Srebrenica trial is one of three "mega trials" currently being tried at the Hague; the other two being the trials of Serbian policemen for crimes committed in Kosovo, and the trial of the Herceg-Bosna leaders for crimes committed in Bosnia.


Serbia Blamed At War Crimes Tribunal

Srebrenica Trial Resumes With Serbia Also in the Dock
(includes some quotes from the prosecution's opening statement)

Srebrenica Trial lacks Mladic, Karadzic-prosecutor

Srebrenica Genocide Trial to restart. (from Sunday)

Over the next few days, the ICTY website should have the transcript of the opening statements.


Srebrenica Massacre said...

I will write another article on the topic, will publish it tommorow or wednesday. It is very encouraging to see suspects on trial, although Hague tribunal is plagued with manipulation of evidence. Serbs will do anything to manipulate truth. While they are treated honestly at the Hague, they don't treat justice system honestly. Their criminal entity in Bosnia ('Republika Srpska') will forge signatures and do whatever it can to prove innocence of these monstrums.

Shaina said...

It is encouraging to see the suspects on trial; although it would be even more encouraging to see Karadzic and Mladic in the dock with them.

I don't think that the "Serbs" will do anything to manipulate the truth; but I do certainly think that some of the RS officials have manipulated the truth. The use of propaganda by the RS has been fairly well documented.

Owen said...

It seems to me that assuming he is eventually brought to justice there's something positive about Mladic's trial not taking place until after Beara and co. are tried.

Once details of the logistical arrangements are in the court record the scope for Mladic's defence to argue that what happened at Srebrenica was the outcome of a military engagement should be drastically curtailed.