Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Article: Sarajevo won't sign agreement with Belgrade & Zagreb

From B92Sarajevo won't sign war crimes agreement with Belgade and Zagreb

I'm not sure if I understand the reasoning behind this. Not saying that there isn't any reasoning, just that I'm not getting it. Maybe someone can explain it to me?


Bg anon said...

Tihic being so firmly against it is probably a clue.

It seems to me that the problem is that some Sarajevo officials believe that by signing such a (equalising?) document they are somehow inferring that Bosniak forces bore as much responsibility for what happened in Bosnia during the war as the Bosnian Serbs or Bosnian Croats. Of course in reality it does no such thing. If anything being co-operative gives one a stronger moral standpoint to argue his case.

In a more practical way the viewpoint manifests itself with the opinion that only Bosnian courts can try Bosnian crimes.

Again the answer is probably in the context of the Bosnian elections. There is pressure on the Bosniak /an leadership to investigate or act on the recent videos of alleged crimes / alleged sanctioning of war crimes. Signing these documents will surely make such investigations more likely since the Serbian prosecutor is pressing for this. (Furthermore the Serbian prosecutor has some credibility in national and international circles). Some Bosniak parties see this (investigation or arrest of 'war heros') as bad news which would be unpopular amongst the electorate.

Its a pity and again I dont think that Balkan voters arent nearly as cynical (in that way) as their politicians believe them to be. Ordinary people are given far too little credit.

Katja said...

which states that the trial of the war crimes suspect will be held in the country in which the person is located, not in which the crimes were allegedly committed.

I think there is a strong motiviation to try people in BiH rather than elsewhere.

Katja said...

Which doesn't mean the reasoning is good reasoning!

Shaina said...

Thanks for the explanation.

Bg anon said...

Well apart from anything else it seems illogical to insist that Bosnian war criminals be tried in Bosnia when many of those indicted for war crimes in Bosnia have been sent to the Hague.

I mean I'm all for individual countries involved trying their own - provided they can do it properly. At this stage I have more confidence in the Serbian war crimes justice system than in their Croatian or Bosnian counterparts but I hope and believe this will change.

Shaina that was just my opinion. Dont take it as fact. I'm not an expert on Bosnia but know the mindset of Balkan (and other) politicians pretty well.

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