Friday, September 15, 2006

Hague Update

Week of 9/10-9/15

On "Serb Cutters", The Vatican, Ustashas and Goats-"Ad Nauseum"
In the trial of Milan Martic, his witness, Lazar Macura, a former official from the Krajina regaled the trial chamber with stories of the Ustasha atrocities, a fifty year conspiracy to get rid of Serbs who live in Croatia, and a good old fashion Papal conspiracy thrown in for good measure.
I'm sure that Seselj is upset that he has had counsel imposed on him, as I'm sure he could also make good off of Macura's claims of a Vatican plot to destroy the Serbs.
On a more serious point, what ever made Martic's defense team believe that Macura would be a good witness for them? First of all, all he does is come across as paranoid. Secondly, using crimes committed 50 years ago and conspiracy theories to justify or to even to explain modern day atrocities is not exactly the best tactic.

And speaking of Seselj...
He was removed from the Courtroom on the 14th. Surely this will not be the last time. Mr. Seselj asked that he be removed from the court, accusing his (unfortunate)court appointed lawyer of being a spy.

American Ambassador, Peter Galbraith describes using US influence to remove Boban and Praljak. Apparently Trudjman's nationalism didn't overtake his sense of practicality, as he agreed to remove the Herceg-Bosna accused war criminals from office in 1993. For his crimes Boban was punished with a forced vacation in Australia.
Although all sarcasm aside, at least he was removed from office and prevented from committing further atrocities.

Investigator Jean-Rene Ruez was called as a prosecution witness in the Srebrenica case.Thanks Owen for info on the missing link!


Owen said...

Has the link to Ruez been lost?

Bg anon said...

Can you imagine how many 'smoking guns' have been found for Tudjman and not one was found for Milosevic.

Thats not to say that Sloba was innocent. Its kind of says that Tudjman was either a real nationalist, stupid and very lucky to escape the Hague.

Owen said...

Thanks for putting the link in!