Saturday, September 16, 2006

Important Editorial

Kirk of Americans For Bosnia Blog has reprinted this editorial from the Washington Post by US Senators Bob Dole and John McCain on the lessons of Srebrenica and the current crisis in Darfur.


As with Srebrenica in 1995, the potential for further mass killing in Darfur today is plain for all to see. All the warnings have been issued, including one from the United Nations that the coming weeks may see "a man-made catastrophe of an unprecedented scale." What remains unclear is only whether the world has the will to impose an outcome on Sudan different from that which unfolded so tragically in Bosnia. Make no mistake: At some point we will step in to help victims in Darfur and police an eventual settlement. The question is whether the United States and other nations will act now to prevent a tragedy, or merely express sorrow and act later to deal with its aftermath.

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Owen said...

Shaina, hope you don't mind me posting a copy of what I've just posted at Kirk's blog:

Global Day for Darfur

Fifty minute clip from this morning's event outside the Sudanese Embassy in London (followed by a march to 10 Downing Street via Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square)

First ten minutes are Darfuris calling for UN deployment (with pictures of the demonstration being filming inside the Embassy - behind the camera to start with, later on the white building with the metal-barred window), then various speakers to the rally included Adam Hussein, escapee from Darfur, Siusan Pollack, survivor of Auschwitz, Beatha Uwazaninka, survivor of Rwanda, and preceding Beatha Uwazaninka at just after 34 minutes into the clip, Kemal Pervanic, survivor of Omarska, drawing the lesson from Bosnia for public concern to push the need for action over Darfur up the politicians' order of priorities.

Anyone who wasn't able to attend a meeting for the Global Day can go and sign the petition to the UN Secreatry General and to their own head of state or government at the foot of the page at