Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I haven't written anything about this case yet,although it is a very important one.
I figured I should remedy that.

Krajisnik is the former "President of the Assembly of Serbian People in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 24 October 1991 until at least November 1995."

He is charged with:
Crimes Against Humanity
Violations of the Law and Custom of War

The full indictment can be found here: ICTY indictment
The ICTY website also contains transcripts, motions, documents, and other information relating to the case.

Originally, his co-defendant was Biljana Plavsic who pled guilty to a lesser charge and recieved a shorter sentence.

The prosecution is asking for life inprisonment. The defense, is asking for an aquittal.
The verdict is expected to be delievered on Wed.

Here is a collection (in reverse chronological order) of a series of blurbs and synopises about the Krajisnik case from Sense-Agency:
Sense Articles

Not the best defense tactic in the world

(It also contains articles that are not about the actual case, but any article where Krajisnik is mentioned)

The articles are all in English, the B/C/S version of the website contains all of the articles that are on the English section of the website, plus additional ones as well.


Owen said...

Radio 4 says he's just been acquitted on the charge of genocide, but sentenced to 27 years for persecution, extermination, killing and deportation charges of Muslims and Croats in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Bg anon said...

Yes B92 confirm this.

Actually Krajsnik was one of many members of the Bosnian Serb leadership who I was entirely unsympathetic towards during the war. He epitomised all that was wrong in Balkan politics. In fact he wasnt even much of nationalist but he liked to play power games. Whenever Milosevic and Stanisic whistled he came running.

He will spend the rest of his life in prison to mull over his decisions. And actually think that he will be one of the few convicted who may really think over the huge mistakes made in his life.
Certainly he will have time to do that.

Now of course there will be some debate on whether he deserved to be acquited of the genocide charge. I didnt watch proceedings so cant make much comment but am generally confident that the judges pass sentence on evidence.

This sentence may not make either Bosniaks or Serbs happy but I think its probably about right.

The wider question about genocide in Bosnia still hovers of course. But legally speaking genocide in Bosnia (Srebrenica) has already been proven. In the end Krajsnik was a Bosnian Serb so this should not impact on Bosnia vs Serbia at the International Court.

Shaina said...

Thanks for the info and your take on the verdict.