Friday, September 01, 2006

Truth Commissions

How is this for bizzare? I just posted about the idea of reconciliation and a truth and reconciliation commission for Bosnia, when this article came out from BIRN.


Truth commissions, as national or regional institutions, are increasingly being mentioned in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia as models to help all three countries deal with the mass abuses committed in the Nineties.

This is where truth commissions can fill the void. Such institutions, appropriately set up and mandated, can establish the historical record of abuses, investigate causes and consequences and assign blame.

Truth commissions help also to bring about the mass social transformation that is needed to ensure there is no future repetition of the abuses.

Alone and separately, neither trials nor the truth commissions can satisfy victims' quest for justice. It is only together that they stand a chance.

The Full Article Can Be Read Here


Bg anon said...

Give yourself credit its not bizzare but shows you have your finger on the pulse. Although I cant agree in Serbia's case and I suspect the same is true for other republics. That is there is little talk of a reconciliation comission in the Serbian media at the moment.

Balkan Ghost said...

Shaina, I wrote an essay last year on the possibility of a truth commission for Bosnia.

Keep up the good work.