Monday, October 23, 2006

Added some new links :)

If you have time, please check out some of the links I added to the site:

In the Balkan Blog Section, I added a link to "Sarajevo, clicks!" blog. It is a very well written blog and gives an "outsider's" perspective of living and teaching in Sarajevo.

In the Beyond the Balkans Section, I added a link to the "Raising Yousef" blog. It is an excellent blog written at the point where the personal becomes political, "Raising Yousef" is the blog of a well known Palestinian journalist who chronicles the Middle East Conflict, life in Gaza, activism, and raising her young son.

In the Press section, I added links to the Bosnian independent Magazine, "Start Magazin." As well as to the independent Croatian political journal, "Feral Tribune." The independent Serbian paper, "Vreme" as well as the Croatian newspaper, "Slobodna Dalmacija."

In the Websites section, I added a link to the webportal, "Sarajevo-X" and the "Women of Srebrenica" activist group.

In the Fun section, I added a link to the "Balkan Media" portal. The site includes the latest and archived news on Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian music and artists. The site also includes 45 second audio clips of the top 100 songs on the charts from Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia.

(I just added these links about 5 minutes ago, so it is possible that not all of these links will show up right away.)


Srebrenica Massacre said...

Hi Shaina,

I got your private messages that you sent me over my blog. THere must be something with your system that prevents you from sending Yahoo email.

Do this: download the latest Internet Explorer 7 at

After you do this, your Yahoo email should be working just fine. It's probably your browser issue, because new Yahoo email supports only newer versions of browsers.

I will also forward your message to Owen.

Plus, in the coming days, I will have a surprise for you as I am launching a new project and will expect you to register too! :)

Srebrenica Massacre said...

PS: New project will have nothing to do with Srebrenica or Bosnia. :)

Shaina said...


Looking forward to seeing your latest project

Bg anon said...

Nice work Shaina you might want to add Blic's english language page as well (although its not in depth).

Incidently I was at the war crimes court today (if anybody thinks I sidestep the issue they wont now).

It was strange but interesting watching proceedings. One of the defendants lawyers got a little emotional and didnt do his client any favours.

I've never even really considered that the scorpians are innocent of the charges. Nothing I saw in the courtroom changed that fact although of course if some firm evidence appeared which suggested the men involved were innocent I would consider it.