Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Article: Beyond "Resonable" or "Any" Doubt?

Article on the Prosecution's appeal of Sefer Halilovic's acquital.


There was another case, I believe it was a case involving members of the KLA who were accused of crimes against Serb civilians where the prosecution in their appeal of the verdict also said that the judges exceeded the normal "beyond a resonable doubt" and were looking for "beyond a shadow of a doubt."

So, on the one hand you have the trial chambers in the cases believing that the Prosecution did not prove their case beyond a resonable doubt.

On the otherhand, the OTP says that the judges are applying a standard for more strict than the "beyond a resonable doubt" standard.

Completely shallow side note: I've seen a picture of Halilovic's son, Semir, and he's quite good looking!


Srebrenica Massacre said...
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Srebrenica Massacre said...

He proved his innocence, but I would not be surprised they convict him on appeal. Hague court has become overly philosophised.

Owen said...

Dan, it's not being "over philosophised" to respect basic legal principles. But in some cases the location of the line between "beyond reasonable doubt" and "beyond a shadow of doubt" may be the subject of disagreement, and judges are human and sometimes fallible so judgments can be wrong and should then be appealed.

Shaina, behave yourself!

Shaina said...


I'll try ;-)

Can't make any promises though!