Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Article: Nationalist Party Rejects Election Result

In what can be a surprise to no one following his statements over the past few days; Jovic has refused to accept the fact that he did not win the Presidency.

"Komsic will not take up this post, he did not get a single vote from a true Croat," Jovic said.

"I am the Croat member of the Bosnian presidency, according to the will of Bosnian Croats," Jovic said. "If this will is not respected something tragic can happen in this country. Everything is possible, including that Croats might want out of such a Bosnia," Jovic said

I'm really sick of nationalists portraying Bosnians who do not belong to one of the nationalist parties; or those who are more moderate in their politics as being "traitors" etc.

Considering Komsic's lead over Jovic, it looks as if many "true Croats" did indeed vote for Komsic.
Time for Jovic to face the music.


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Kirk Johnson said...

This is disappointing. I was actually in the room when Jovic spoke at the Bosnian Embassy in Washington D.C. several months ago; while I admit he was speaking publicly and through an interpreter, he seemed OK to me.

Bg anon said...

Kirk never under(over)estimate politicians.

Its easy to use impressive, moderate, language in that kind of setting but its action that matters.

I've attended many a Balkan gathering where my Serbian has been an invaluable tool in finding out what domestic public figures really think.