Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bosnian Election


Divided Bosnia Votes in Key Election

High Turnout For Bosnian Election (Short Article)

Big Turnout in Bosnia crunch vote

Google News has more articles about the Bosnian election, but they are pretty much just repeats of the ones above.


Katja said...

So far coverage has been fairly repetative and routine outside of BiH. You'd think this was just ANY election! It's actually pretty important.

Shaina said...

There are some hundred articles on Google, but like you said, almost all of them are repetative and from the same AP/Rueters sources.

I'm assuming over the next few days coverage should pick up.
And when the next issue of BIRN comes out, they will probably cover the election as should the IWPR.

European sources like The Guardian etc. should also have analyses of the election (I'm assuming).

Bg anon said...

Yes on the BBC it received 'footnote' coverage.

Its unbelievable really. After Iraq et al have people really forgotten what was the pressing concern in Europe throughout the 90's? And have they forgotten how important it is to ensure that the region remains stable, democratic?

I watched some of the coverage on RTRS last night. Pretty bad coverage, mistakes a plenty and sadly it didnt at all inspire me to keep watching. For hours nobody even mentioned when the official result could be expected - there were few decent analysts that one could rely upon to give the public an idea of who would win or what it would mean. I kept having the misfortune to tune in when they would go over to the campaign headquaters of HDZ-1990. That lot (and the name of their party) gave me the heebie jeebies.

Sorry I dont have anything more clever or incisive to say.

Shaina said...

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that the coverage in the US/international media is fairly repetative (although it seems as if more articles are trickling out now); but that's sad that even the local coverage was sorely lacking.

I was actually surprised that B92 did not have that much coverage on the Bosnian elections. Especially considering that Bosnia is Serbia's neighbor, and what happens in Bosnia is bound to effect Serbia and given the important issues this election brought up.

Bg anon said...

Something to be bourne in mind.

Within the reformist 'camp' in Serbia there is a hangover from the 1990's which means its not politically correct to harbour too much interest in those former Republics that the Milosevic's and nationalists of this world were so obsessed with.

Chattering classes in Belgrade are still pissed at the Bosnian and Croatian, Kosovo Serbs because of the sacrifices (sanctions, bombardment) made in Serbia for their breathren outside of the homeland in that period.

So the anti nationalist thing to do is to only be concerned with Serbia and to not interfere or have too much of an opinion on issues outside of Serbia.

Of course I dont feel bound by any type of PC behaviour :) and my interest in the former Republics of Yugoslavia remains and will remain no matter what. Just call me a meddler!