Monday, October 02, 2006

Who was voted to the Croatian seat of the Presidency?

Initially it looked as if Jovic was going to win, then it looked as it might be Komsic might be in the lead.

I've read different results from different sources.

Can anyone clarify the results?
Or is it still up for grabs?



Shaina said...

The latest article from Sarajevo-X has Komsic winning the presidency.

Bg anon said...

The latest from Banja Luka is that Dodik (and his cadidate) with their Independent Social Democratic Party has won the vote in Republika Srpska.

Of course Dodik has made a number of more extreme statements of late but I'm hoping that one day social democratic princples may supercede ethnic politics.

The latest from Sarajevo is that Silajdzic has won. Much of the press claims that Silajdzic is more of a hard liner than Tihic. But I still prefer Silajdzic given a choice.

On a completely different topic Shaina it may interest you to know that 2 of the contestants in the Serbian BB house are Bosnian - one appears to be of Bosniak extraction (judging by his name, unless Im mistaken) and the other is a Serb girl from Banja Luka.

Apologies for the dumbing down folks.

Shaina said...

Thanks for the info on the "Big Brother" show!

Still sad to here that Miki left though!
Of course, I've never seen the Serbian version of Big Brother; but I loved the quotes from him that Viktor posted on the blog.

In the English language articles, some portray Silajdzic as more "extreme" than Tihic; others as much more of a moderate than Tihic.
There doesn't seem to be much consistancy in how reporters are analyzing Sijajdzic's win.

Anonymous said...

I think actually that Tihic is the more hardline of the two Bosnian Muslim candidates so I felt some relief over the results. Silajdiz has at least spoken of there being a need to talk, and that is a good thing.
Jovic needs to take a big chill pill and accept the results.