Monday, November 06, 2006

Bosnian Film Festival

The Riverside Studios in London, England will host a film festival of some of the best recent Bosnian films/shorts/documentaries.

Films featured in the festival include:
Grbavica (including a Q&A with the director)
Go West (also, including a Q&A session with the film's producer)
Hell (directed by Danis Tanovic)
Border Post

The film "The Dream Job" looks to be particularly interesting as well:
A Bosnian country girl comes to town to join a girls' band; she can't sing, but she is young and beautiful. A tragicomic critique on the position of women in entertainment cut with interviews with different generations of female singers, it leaves room for the audience to come up with their own conclusions.

The festival is from Nov 30th-Dec 3rd. Ticket information, as well as short blurbs on all of the films featured can be found on
this website.

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