Friday, November 17, 2006

Medals of (Dis)honor

From news articles on the decision to give medals to the Dutchbat troops who were in Srebrenica.

And while as one of the articles states, the medals aren't being given as recognition of courage or special services on part of the Dutchbat; I'm not sure if giving medals (to anyone) is appropriate in a situation that ended in the killing of over 8,000 men and boys.
Especially since, most people do associate the giving of medals with performing extraordinary tasks, and acts of heroism.

Dutchbat Medals


Katja said...

That is unacceptable! I think their leader should have been at least cashiered, in any REAL country he would have been shot.

Shaina said...

I think it is quite a bad idea as well, and I know there is some outrage in Holland (and least in some of the Duth media) about it as well.

Ed said...

Shaina, Katja,

Yea, that really is unnecessarily thoughtless of the Dutch. THere might be a protocol whereby everyone who serves gets this medal, but there are times when it isn't necessary to be quite so dogmatic if it can help to save the feelings of innocent victims.

It's behaviour like this which leads to some people from the Balkans feeling like the West really doesn't understand them.

Take care,
Ed (balkanbaby)

Daniel said...

Oh please. Dutch is an extremely liberal European society that is the most intolerant of Islam. Muslims are more welcome in Serbia than in Netherlands.

Daniel said...

As a Bosnian, I would rather drink coffee with a Serb, than with Dutch.

damn motherfuckers, worthless piece of crap

Daniel said...

I would like to go to Srebrenica and bring Dutch flag and wipe my Muslim butt with it.

Amila Jasarevic said...

Congratulate the bastards on

Anonymous said...

I am shore solders did the best in order to survive. Giving them medals will hearth even more presumably some conscious will remain there. European democracy is far from moral/ethical rules. Are their politicians just a step away from criminals while this was “only” amoral?