Tuesday, December 05, 2006

War Crime Tribunal Update

General Ante Gotovina pled not guilty to four additional charges related to charges of atrocities committed against ethnic Serb civilians during "Operation Storm."

Journalist with a gun instead of a pen. (Herceg Bosna trial).

Serbia seeks war crim suspect living in Norway

Croatia working on transfer of three war crimes cases to Montenegro

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Anonymous said...

This story is just so astonishing to me. It is so crazy how people can do this to another. I do understand that these people could be guilty, but I do not think that it is right for them to be treated like dirt if they are to be proven innocent in the end. I also do not believe that these people should harm the family of these terrorists they should be left alone. It is not right for them to burn other people's property and monuments either; it is a symbol of their nation.
Why can't people just get the guy, keep him locked up (no abuse) until he is proven innocent/ guilty?
Why do we also have to resort to violence now a days? This is crazy, and although this happened in 1993, it is still happening today.
Man, this is just crazy.
What happened to the man accussed?