Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Zvornik Mass Grave Discovered

Serbia's War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic said his office was investigating reports of a mass grave containing the remains of 670-750 Bosniak civilians killed in Zvornik early in the war.

The War Crimes Sector of the Belgrade District Court is trying several men alleged to have committed atrocities against civilians in Zvornik near the start of the war.
For procedural reasons the trial has been recently postponed.

For a report on the mass ethnic cleansing campaign in Zvornik in 1992, see this page.


Bg anon said...

Actually its good that Vukcevic announced this first.

Vukcevic also announced that he and the Croatian war crimes prosecutor spoke with the Bosnian war crimes prosecutor at a recent meeting in Zagreb.

It was about Bosnian General Dudakovic's alleged war crimes. They watched the tapes together. Vukcevic said that he and the Croatian war crimes prosecutor would 'process' the charges in Serbian and Croatian courts if the Bosnian prosecutor did not investigate / press charges against Dudakovic.

There is no comment yet from the Bosnian federation authorities on this.

Shaina said...

Just from reading recent articles it seems as if there is more cooperation between Serbia & Croatia regarding war crime suspects than between Bosnia and the other countries. Is there any reason why?

speaking of Dudakovic, I thought the Bosnian authorities were investigating charges against Dudakovic. http://www.b92.net/eng/news/globe-article.php?yyyy=2006&mm=11&dd=03&nav_category=123&nav_id=37735
(The article mentions the arrest of Sefik Alic; but it souonds as if Bosnia is also investigating Dudakovic as well)