Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Balkan related online news & articles.

1. Tribunal Watch
Includes a very-indepth article on reducing indictments in order to shorten trial lengths.

From BIRN, article on the Serbian Elections


Daniel said...

Elections failed to bring stability. They just proved that there is still a huge segment of Serbian society that is dedicated to nationalism, radicalism, and failed idea's of chetnikism, socialism/communism, and Greater Serbia (with Kosovo included).

It's interesting how much they are screaming about keeping Albanian Kosovo inside of Serbia, when at the same time they want Republika Srpska joined to Serbia. They want for themselves, what they don't want to extend to others.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you link Kosovo and Republika Srpska even in a matter of principle, you're doing wrong. Because they're not the same case, Republika Srpska is little more then a legalised from of genocide, and Kosovo was also besieged by the Serbs. So if you link them together and Kosovo gets independence, nothing is stopping Republika Srpska government to try to do the same.