Friday, February 23, 2007

Dayton and the Constitution

This issue has already been covered on other Balkan blogs; but in case for some reason you've missed it...

Jakob Finci has asked the European Court of Human Rights to lift the ban that prevents minorities from running for the Presidency. Under Dayton only Bosnian Serbs, Bosnian Croats and Bosniaks can run for the Presidency; thereby discriminating against Jews, Roma, and anyone else who does not fit into a neat little identity box.

There is some opposition to the proposal, from those who say that the changes to the constitution are nearly "impossible" to inact; to some who seem to oppose the idea for reasons of Anti-Semitism; as the quote at the bottom of the article seems to demonstrate.


Daniel said...

I agree with Mr. Finci.

Minorities should be able to run for presidency.

Shaina said...

Me too.

I think that in the process to create Dayton, and to focus on the three "major" ethnicities in Bosnia; minorities were completely forgotten about; or probably more likely, their interests just were not taken into consideration.

However, I think that all citizens of BiH, regardless of their ethnic or religious or racial background should have the right to run for the Presidency.