Sunday, February 25, 2007

ICJ Verdict: Prelude

Serbia anxiously awaits verdict and in Bosnia, they brace ahead for landmark genocide ruling.

Meanwhile, Eric from East Ethnia puts it all together for us here.


Daniel said...

Serbia - as a nation - will not be found responsible for genocide (that's my prediction). Legal team of Bosnia-Herzegovina did not present all the main evidence to the Court of Justice. As Editor-in-chief of the NTV Hayat News network, Senad Hadifejzovic, pointed out:

"Unfortunately, key arguments were not submitted to the International Court of Justice in the Hague at all! , The most significant evidence clearly proving the intentions and aims of Serbia were the records of the sessions Milosevic held with the military and political leadership of Montenegro are already in the Hague, but not in the premisses of the International Court of Justice but ICTY where individuals have been put on trial. However, this evidence, according to the deal made between the ICTY and the government of Serbia MAY NOT BE USED for any other purposes except the stated ones, in particular not to be used in the case of Bosnia-herzegovina vs. Serbia and Montenegro. So simply put, legal team of Bosnia-Herzegovina was not allowed at all to submit the crucial evidence to the Court of Justice at all!" (Interview, February 24th, 2007 )

Marin said...

Nothing new in the West

Bg anon said...

'Serbia - as a nation - will not be found responsible for genocide'

Well the whole process Daniel wasnt about Serbia being guilty being guilty as a nation, it was about the government being responsible for genocide or not.

Anyway its all over now. Perhaps things can move forward - this whole thing has had a very negative impact not just on Serbo-Bosnian relations but also on inter ethnic relations in Bosnia.