Thursday, February 01, 2007

Karadzic in Russia?

According to the Sarajevo daily, Oslobodjenje, Radovan Karadzic is hiding in Russia.

And in related news, UN Sec-Gen., Ban Ki-Moon made the obligatory speech urging Karadzic and Mladic to surrender to the tribunal. Of course, this will have the same effect as all of the other speeches and declarations from Serbian and international figures urging that K&M surrender to the tribunal.


Daniel said...

I honestly think Karadzic and Mladic are either in Russia or Greece.

These two Eastern Orthodox Christian countries are one of the worst source of Eastern-Orthodox Christian terrorism in the World. There was around 300 Mujahedeen extremists in Bosnia during the war, and there were around 4,000 Christian terrorists from Greece and Russia fighting on the side of Serbian fascists.

They even waved Greek flag when they stole Srebrenica from us.

grrrrr.... there cant' be peace unless they return teritory they stole from us. I am refering to the area of Eastern Bosnia that was predominantly Bosniak before the war.

Daniel said...

They are just terrible human beings. Fortunately, not all Serbs are the same, and there are good people among them too.