Monday, February 26, 2007

Mr. Milosevic's Ghost

Although his "untimely" death (and untimely in the sense that it did not allow for a verdict to be rendered; for the people of the Balkans they would be much better off had Mr. Milosevic passed away almost two decades before he ultimately did) rendered the case against him legally obsolete. Nevertheless, Milosevic's presence isn't completely obsolete as Observer at Neretva River ponders what the ICJ verdict has to say about Mr. Milosevic's legal guilt for genocide.
And some days ago, Andras from the justwatch-l discussion group noted that the ICTY has not had unrestricted evidence to the Serbian government's files; and that because the case never actually came down to a verdict, there is no way of knowing whether the ICTY could effectively prove Milosevic's legal guilt.

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