Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Balkan Love Story: Act I Scene II

It sounds a bit like a Balkan soap-opera: Some view the recent statements and actions of Montenegrin politicians towards Croatia to be "sychopantic". Meanwhile; like many a great soap-operas, this "love"; according to one commentator, is an "unrequited" one.


A few questions; that are perhaps too generic and broad to receive a proper answer:
(But I'll throw them out anyways)

1. The article alludes to the economic rationale behind Montenegro's new "relationship" (for lack of a better term) with Croatia; and some economic benefits to Montenegro. What benefits are there for Croatia?

2. The article also alludes to the relationship between Montenegro and Serbia. In a nutshell, what is the relationship like between Montenegro and Serbia; on both a state-state level; and general public opinion?
(and I realize this is an unbelievably broad question; with perhaps many exceptions and nuances)


observer said...

Investment in Montenegro's energy and tourism sectors have the potential to make Croatian firms, which now have a lot of experience and capital to invest, large profits. And that's always a good thing for the executivies of companies.

On another level, Croatia and Montenegro both have an interest in 'selling' the Adriatic coast to the lucrative western European holiday market. Croatia already has an infrastructure to get large numbers of tourists to Montenegro via the airport in Dubrovnik, from which there are direct flights all summer coming in from across Europe and even East Asia...

Bg anon said...

You know the way I see this whole issue is in terms of what this means for Montenegro.

Although some resentment at the Montenegrin governments attitude towards Serbia / Croatia exists in Serbia its not really very important.

The problem is that there is widespread hostility to the Mg government by the Montenegrin Serbs. Its not as if Montenegrin society isnt already split down the middle on the referendum, the relationship with Croatia / Serbia and soon there will be a vote on a new Constitution. Battle lines are familiar and are already being prepared on this issue. People are anxiously watching to see what position the non ethnic parties (Medojevic) will take.

I just wish the cheap populist stunts could be kept down to the minimum. Running a country is a serious affair although I dont see many people behaving seriously.

observer said...

Scene III - Kosovo and Croatia?

Check out the accusations leveled at Croatia for getting too close to Kosovo in Kurir...


Shaina said...

Observer; thanks for the info on the tourism angle. And the Kurir article! (I wonder if they found their latest article by "researching" online?!)

Bg anon; thanks for info on Montenegro and Serbia.

Leimomi said...

Interesting to know.