Sunday, March 11, 2007

How do you say kitsch in Croatian?

Beyond Sarajevo featured the music video from Severina's 2006 Eurovision entry, "Moja Stikla" it is over the top, it is really quite entertaining.

Meanwhile, over at Belgrade 2.0, Viktor offers an overview of this year's top Balkan competitors.


Daniel said...

Hi from Kosovo! (joke, hehehe I am not in Kosovo, but thought I would share some great news I found on a Russian Daily News site), quote:

At the same time, Russian diplomats admit off the record that Moscow is unlikely to veto the proposal, which may trigger more tensions with the West. “There’s no point in Russia’s vetoing,” a high-placed Kommersant source in the UN said. “Serbia has already lost Kosovo and won’t have it back. Abstaining in the vote, Moscow can save its face.”

Thanks Russia.

Daniel said...