Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thank God for day planners!

Between the Milosevic memorial service; and a rock-n-roll concert/b-day bash for Mladic; a few people in Belgrade are having quite a busy week!


Bg anon said...

Yes but sadly you forgot Djindjic's anniversary which is being spoken of much more than the Milosevic service.

People are discussing what would have happened had he lived.

Shaina said...

Thanks for info.

This isn't an excuse on my part for mentioning the concert and Milosevic; but not the Djindjic memorial; but it seems as if the Milosevic anniversary and the other pro-nationalists anniversaries are somehow deemed more "newsworthy" in the press. That isn't to say that they aren't newsworthy; or that these stories should be burried under the rug, any more than the anti-nationalist rallies are; but because they are much more sensational and bizzare; they tend to dominate the news blurbs etc.

Daniel said...

Shaina and bg_anon, if you have time, please read this short article and comment (very important to read):


Bg anon said...

No I realised that. But I think its important to remember the assasinated Prime Minister or at least give his anniversay equal coverage on account of Serbia's position in the world today.

Bg anon said...

Daniel it just says 'page not found'.

Owen said...

In fact I've seen nothing about the Milosevic anniversary in the mainstream media. Milosevic's game-playing self-destruction was just another crime against humanity. The commemoration Djindjic's death deserves is progress in the trial of the people charged with killing him.