Sunday, April 15, 2007


I'm sure most of my readers are aware of the cowardly attack outside of Serbian journalist Dejan Anastasijevic's apartment. According to Dragoljub Žarković, the editor of Vreme; the attack may have been fueled by Anastasijevic's criticism of the recent Scorpions verdict. President Tadic has reacted to the attack by saying: "The state must react with full capacity to such deeds. I will reiterate the fact that offences of this kind represent an attempt to throw Serbia back into the wartime 1990s.” Vreme, the independent paper that Anastasijevic contributes to also includes a collection of articles on Anastasijevic's attack in Serbian. Belgrade 2.0 features an article in support of Anastasijevic, as well as a link to a recent article he wrote on the Ahtisaari Plan. For my readers who aren't as familiar with Anastasijevic's work; here is an archive of his articles for Time Magazine. Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett also links to an article featured on a website dedicated to press freedom.


Yakima_Gulag said...

Thanks for the link! :)

You know me said...

One of the tactics that Serb terrorists (or Serbian terrorists) employ is to spread fear and attack those they don't agree with. No need to be shocked, there were attacks on journalists in Banja Luka just because they refused to serve Serb-propaganda interests. Serbian terrorism is nothing new, it exists for at least 20 years. In the past, I have maintained a site warning people about the dangers of Serbian terrorism and about the danger that Serb terrorists represent not only for the Balkans, but also on a larger (global) scale. You may visit my old site here:

you know me said...

A little is known that Serb terrorists also claimed responsibility for 9/11.

Bosnian Serb terrorist, Nikola Ribich (Nicholas Ribich) was charged with terrorism in Canada. Media pretty much ignored that case, but I was lucky to document it on my old site.

Serb terrorists were supplying arms to a number of terrorist groups all around the world including infamous REAL IRA and ETA BASQUE BOMBERS.

Serbian terrorists also armed Saddam Hussein. All documented on my old site.

Serbian terrorists also armed islamists in Lybia, Syria, Burma, and Iraq - against the United States.

Once again, you may visit my old site "Serbian Terrorism Research Center" here

Shaina said...

Thanks Katja, actually I found out about this story via your blog-so thank you. :)
Back to the actual subject matter at hand, I'm extremely glad that Anastajijevic or his family were not hurt. Hopefully they will find who is responsible ASAP. If there is any good to come out of this story; hopefully more people will become aware of Anastasijevic his work, and the work of other indepedent journalists who face similar (or worse) threats, crackdowns, and oppositions be it at the hands of indvidual criminals, gangs, or governments (and in my opinion, the latter is worse than the former-because in that case there is not even a facade of protection for journalists). Unfortunately, it seems after an incident like this, it makes the front pages for a few days; and then the entire incident is forgotten about.

Shaina said...

As if to underscore this issue; two new articles from justwatch-l; one about a threat made by Ante Gotovina's brother against a journalist in Croatia:
The other about an allegation of the killing of a British journalist by Palestinian militants:

Lluis said...

Hi, I'm a Catalan citizen, i'm from Barcelona. I'm very interested in all these issues that you are explaining about serbian terrorism and how they attack croatians and bosniac muslims. I explain you why:
In Spain, Spanish politicians have began to spread hate against catalan people only because we speak another language, Catalan, and we want to be an independent nation. These late days there is spanish-neonazi terrorism in Valencia area, PP party has banned catalan tv station (TV3)and it's growing catalan-phobic feelings in Madrid and the rest of Spain too. I can send you links about it. These is no new in our 300 years history of occupation but I think political parties of Madrid are gestating a odious political tactic of fear like serbians began in early 90's against different people (Croatians, Bosnian muslims,etc).
Could you help to find information or english books about these serbian war tactics and how croatians and bosniac muslims could defend?
I think these information can help Catalan people to open their eyes wider.

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