Monday, April 02, 2007

Humanitarian Intervention

Editorial from the Guardian. If you wish, you can click on the link and also offer your own comments. I haven't read the commentaries yet, but like all Balkan related discussions, I'm sure it is going to attract a number of "interesting" individuals and go downhill real fast (if it hasn't already).

Humanitarian intervention is like brain surgery: sometimes essential,
but only to be used as a very last resort, and then only in the most
careful way. Progress is slow. Two hundred years after the British
attempt to outlaw the slave trade, the Janjaweed are riding with impunity.
But I hope it's not for much longer.


TeamSplashi said...

Shaina ,if that is your real name =), is I may ask, how did you decide to write about Bosna i Hercegovina.

Owen said...

As far as I can see this Ian Williams is not the same Ian Williams as the Channel 4 reporteer who visited Omarska and Trnopolje with Penny Marshall of ITN and Ed Vulliamy of the Guardian.

There is quite an interesting and wide-ranging exchange of comments, dealing in particular with slavery, as this year we're celebrating the 200th anniversary of the act of parliament that outlawed the slave trade.

However a lot of the discussion is very much in black and white, disregarding the fact that actions taken with mixed motives can still have beneficial consequences and of course incompetent action taken with the good intentions can be catastrophic. I wonder what might have happened in Rwanda if the disaster of the US intervention in Somalia hadn't occurred.