Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ICJ Verdict: Repercussions and Reflections

Bosnia Institute has published a collection of articles from leading democrats from Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia.


Daniel said...

The ICJ is a civil court. Even if they ordered Serbia to pay for its war adventures in Bosnia, Serbia would not be forced to do it.

It's a civil court. In some ways, it's a joke. To rule that Serbia is not directly responsible, even though it supplied arms and logistics to Serbs and even sent its forces to Bosnia, is just an insult to intelligence.

Yes, Scorpions were part of regular Serbian forces, operated under the government of Serbia, but unfortunately ICJ was narrow-minded to accept Serbian claims that the Government of Serbia had nothing with these military groups.

It's ridicolous.

oskar said...

Funny (or sad, depends on your state of mind) to see how those who normally support intl. justice (eg ICTY) are now crying FOUL and POLICITCAL COURT just because the verdict didn't go their way.