Monday, May 07, 2007


While the papers are full with job ads; here are a few positions that just got filled:
Miroslav Lajcak is set to be sixth High Representative to Bosnia; taking over for Christian Schwarz-Schilling.
In Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic of the Serb Radical Party and Seselj political sidekick; recieved 142/244 votes and the post of the President of the Parliament One could probably come to the conclusion that Seselj himself would be voted President; if there wasn't some pesky logistical issue with him being in the Hague.
In that spirit, East Ethnia had designed a list of Government Ministers and officials for the new coalition government.
And if that doesn't work; there is always the dancing robot. I wonder what platform she's running on?


Anonymous said...

The office to which Seselj's no. 2 man Tommy Nikolic was elected was "president of the parliament" of Serbia. In terms of political power, that's the next most powerful post in the Serbian government after that of prime minister. The President of the Republic of Serbia (currently Boris Tadic) holds a largely ceremonial post, with very little actual political power.

If that seems confusing, keep in mind that the US is one of only a handful of democratic countries where the ceremonial head of state and the head of government (the one with executive powers) is one and the same person.

Global Warming Editor said...

hahaha... I love this comment!