Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Omarska: Fifteen Years Later

Fifteen years after the creation and discovery of arguably the best known nationalist Serb run concentration camp in Bosnia; the site of the former Omarska concentration camp has become symbolic of another fight over memory, preservation, and the creation of a memorial to those who died at Omarska.

Article: Omarska Fifteen Years Later


Background information on ethnic cleansing & cultural destruction in the Prijedor region.

"Atrocity, Memory and Photography: The Case of ITN v. Living Marxism" Extensive essay on Omarska, the Bosnian Serb concentration camp system, and the "Living Marxism" court case.

Omarska Memorial Project page on Mittal Steel Corp; which now owns the land where the Omarska camp once stood.


Owen said...

What is happening at Omarska seems to be a useful indicator of the extent of progress being made by Republika Srpska towards genuine reconciliation.

Lakshmi Mittal could have exercised influence had he wanted to. Mittal got Tony Blair to give him a hand with hoovering up the former nationalised steel industries of Eastern Europe after he dropped a large cheque into Labour Party coffers. Blair should have been in a position to encourage Mittal to ensure that the reopening of Omarska made an effective contribution to peaceful coexistence.

On the face of it Mittal seem to have used the Spirit of Europe initiative as an arms-length way of dealing with the problem and now that the SoE venture has stalled it sounds as if Mittal Steel feel they're now in a position to leave the political and moral issues behind and just get on with business as usual.

Pretty disgusting.

Owen said...

Atrocity, Memory and Photgraphy is an excellent essay - devastating if any of the revisionists bothered to read it.

Shaina said...

Thanks for the info on Mittal Steel.
I noticed the atrocity essay a few months ago; I agree; it is a very well written and argued essay.

Owen said...

Mittal have been hoovering up US steel companies as well. There have been accusations that they do the old monopolist's trick of fiddling about with production levels in order to manipulate prices.

Lake said...

Kathleen Young, Phd.

Video: Attending Genocide Conference in Sarajevo

Owen said...

Shaina, your link to Atrocity, Memory and Photography goes to Part 2. Part 1 is at

Shaina said...

thanks for the first page.

I think the second part; particularly on the history of the concentration camp; and of course their association with the Nazi extermination camp is particularly interesting.

thanks for the youtube link. i haven't seen it yet; and hopefully will be able to watch most of it (my internet connection is pretty slow)

Owen said...

Shaina, it may not be your internet connection. My computer was getting very slow so I put a 256MB memory module (pretty easy if you've got the manual and a screwdriver) and that's made a big difference to video.

Kirk Johnson said...

That is a devastating essay.