Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Halilovic Appeal

The OTP is appealing the acquittal of the former Chief of the BH Army Main Staff, Sefer Halilovic for failing to prevent or punish the killing of civilians in Grabovica and Uzdol. Halilovic was also at the preceedings, and he has an opportunity, should he wish, to speak on his own behalf.


Daniel said...

There is nothing to appeal. Gen Halilovic is innocent.

Owen said...

Dan, what are your comments on this:

It is almost as if Halilovic was tried for command responsibility for Grabovica as an alternative to being tried for command responsibility for Celebici?

It's all rather peculiar. I don't understand it and I don't understand why Delalic wasn't charged over Grabovic unless it had to do with plea-bargaining. I really don't know enough about this case to understand it, so can you give us a summary of how you see it?

Lake said...

Sefer Halilovic hated Izetbegovic, because Izetbegovic removed him from position of a B&H Army General due to allegations that Halilovic committed war crime against Croats. Therefore, Halilovic's allegations against Izetbegovic should be taken with a grain of salt. Izetbegovic never wanted islamic state; he fought against it and he rejected it in his earlier works, Islam Between the East and the West and the Islamic Declaration (both works were completely taken out of the context by distortionists and used extensively by Serbian propagandists).

Sefer Halilovic fought Croats in central Bosnia. The conflict between Croats and Bosniaks was unnecessary and caused by misguided politics of Franjo Tudjman and his Herzegovinian proxies (who openly promoted idea of Greater Croatia).