Tuesday, July 10, 2007

IWPR Update

IWPR Tribunal update, including articles on the Delic, Seselj and Milosevic (Sarajevo siege) trials.


Daniel said...

July 11th is 12th anniversary of Srebrenica Genocide.

It's sad that this small, ethnically cleansed Bosniak town still remains under Serb-control.

Let us revisit Dayton Peace Agreement: Was it really to our advantage?

At the time of military victories against the Serb Army, Bosniaks and Croats practically signed capitulation by signing Dayton.

Daniel said...

Although Markale Massacre has been concluded by both the UN and the ICTY to had came from Serb positions (see Prosecutor vs Stanislav Galic), now we have pro-Serb Russian drunk Colonel Andrei Demurenko who is using outdated propaganda as a witness to Serb Gen Dragomir Milosevic at the ICTY.

Quote: "Russian colonel Andrei Demurenko, key witness for General Dragomir Milosevic’s defense, admits that the report of his investigation team – with the conclusion that the shell that caused the Markale massacre 'was not fired from VRS positions' – does not exist at all. The conclusion, he says, was so clear that there was no need to write it down."

Hahahah... ridicolous Russian drunk.


Shaina said...

I completely agree with you that based on the evidence and on the coverage of his testimony, Col. Demurenko's claims were ridiculous. However, in none of the stories that I read did they refer to Col. Demurenko's addiction to Alcohol.

Owen said...

To be frank Shaina, the only reasonable explanation for Demurenko having the brazen shamelessness to give the evidence reported by IWPR is that he was already on his fourth or fifth bottle. Judge Robinson should have ordered a breathalyser test.

andy said...

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Owen said...

Andy, your blog is a really impressive piece of work. Good luck with your search but be prepared to deal with some flak - your grandfather's Chetnik past is something that's likely to provoke strong reactions as you pursue it.