Monday, August 06, 2007

Article: "Bosnia Needs Justice"

An interview with Bosnia's sixth High Represenative, Miroslav Lajcak.

He says that while much has been achieved since the signing of the Dayton accords, Bosnia needs to continue efforts to face up to its past ­ including trying war crimes suspects and finding, identifying and burying victims of the fighting ­ in order to truly move forward. "We should draw some conclusions from the tragic past," he says. "The future cannot be based on hatred and accusations. We need justice to erase the hatred."

He emphasises that this is a process that needs to be handled sensitively. "It is not helping if someone misuses the terrible tragedy for his or her narrow short-term political objectives. And there are people on all three sides who are doing this. These people and these victims do not deserve to be manipulated. Everyone should treat the issues from the tragic past with maximal responsibility


Daniel said...

Miroslav Lajcak is an idiot. As a politician, he is a dummy. I wonder, why they had to pick the worst person for the job? This idiot (Miroslav Lajcak) is hesitant to use Bonn powers and stand up to nationalist forces who obstruct peace process in Bosnia. For example, Serb politicians continue to obstruct formation of united police force. Miroslav Lajcak thinks he can make three ethnic groups agree on anything? How stupid can he be? This is not America, Canada, or Britain. We are talking about Bosnia - country which caused World War 1 and millions of deaths in the last century. You can't make these three ethnic groups agree on much. You need to use force and make them respect you.

Miroslav Lajcak knows that united police force is one of pre-requisites for Bosnia's entrance into the European Union. He also knows that the chances of three ethnic groups agreeing on this issue are slim to none and the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina need results TODAY, not 20 years from now!

Miroslav Lajcak is just a sad case of a diplomat who doesn't know what he is doing and who is clearly lucky to be paid $300,000/year to scratch his (beep) in the office overlooking Sarajevo and do nothing.

Miroslav Lajcak - if you read this, I hope you understand that you suck.

Kirk Johnson said...

Daniel, at some point domestic politics in Bosnia have to take charge of things. Lajcak might feel that, a decade-plus after Dayton, it is time for the HR to avoid using his power as much as possible. I don't mean any offense, but the fact that you are blaming the HR rather than Bosnian politicians illustrates the weakness of the post-Dayton political system.