Saturday, March 15, 2008

At least the trains still run on time

My computer crashed last Sunday, and although the good people at Best Buy told me that they would be able to fix my computer in about three days, it is going to take at least another week for them to look at the computer and try to figure out what exactly is going on.

But, of course Balkan news goes on-

1. A 'deconstruction' of the "Kosovo is Serbia" rally by Sasha Ilic for the independent Belgrade newspaper-Danas.

2. The latest issue of Tribunal Watch by IWPR.

3. And of BIRN

Be back next weekend, and hopefully blogging on my own computer.


Jessica Bruder, said...

I thought this recent article about a Bosnian national, who lives near Portland, OR, and is wanted for extradition on war crimes charges, might interest you.....

U.S., Interpol spar over local refugee
Justice - The case flags murky laws about immigration and war-crime accusations

“A routine background check revealed that the driver -- 51-year-old Serif Mustedanagic of Clackamas -- was wanted under a special notice for extradition to his native Bosnia-Herzegovina on accusations of murder, war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessica, that's an interesting article. You may have seen the posts at Srebrenica Genocide Blog about fugitive war criminals from Bosnia detained under US Immigration law but not prosecuted fro their role in the genocide at Srebrenica:
Ratko Maslenjak
Milenko Stjepanovic

The case of Serif Mustedanagic seems rather different. If he was chief of staff to Fikret Abdic he wasn't a small fish. One would presume that his name was known to the US Immigration authorities.

Abdic was sentenced in a Croatian court to twenty years (reduced to 15) for war crimes and as far as I know has never answered charges against him in Bosnia.

Whatever the US interest is in protecting Mustedanagic, as long as the charges against him still stand in BiH the US is surely in the position of obstructing international law. Even though the US has withdrawn from its signature of the Rome Treaty on the ICC, I would have thought respect for the ICTY and the Geneva Conventions would still require a transparent response to Interpol.

Daniel said...


you forgot to leave me your e-mail. That's why I couldn't get in touch ith you. You can find my response to your comment at Srebrenica Genocide Blog.

Daniel said...


you forgot to leave me your e-mail. That's why I couldn't get in touch ith you. You can find my response to your comment at Srebrenica Genocide Blog.

Kirk Johnson said...

Hope your PC gets fixed and up and running soon--what a bummer!

Anonymous said...

At LIST-WATCH Andras Riedlmayer has posted a report from B92 of Fausto Pocar's declaration that the ICTY won't finish work before Mladic, Karadzic, Hadzic and Zupljanin have been caught and tried.

The Tribunal is considering the possibility of working with a reduced staff after official closure in its current format.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant JUST-WATCH.

Shaina said...

Thanks for your comments everyone,

and thank you Jessica for the article.

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