Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thank God for turtles!

My orginal plans were to write a post lamenting over the fact that because many articles on Balkan Insight are now subscription only, I have less access to the in-depth, quality Balkan analysis that Balkan Insight has provided.
But, I decided not to. Because: 1. It's not like I haven't been there, done that, before. 2. I could have access to the articles if I was willing to pay a subscription fee-which I'm not.
3. And most importantly, I just discovered the Balkan Insight blogs, my favorite being Dusica L. Ikic-Cook's take on being single mother in the Balkans.
And if there was even a vague bit of curiosity of where the title came from, here is the answer.

I also enjoyed reading Marian Chiriac's blog post about the connection between journalism and marathon running.

And for something more overtly political, there is Krenar Gashi's post on Vuk Jeremic.


Anonymous said...

Krenar Gashi's article is well-written and amusing. Also there's a link to Rosie Whitehouse's book and occasional blog on her experiences as a war correspondent (Tim Judah)'s wife in places like Sarajevo.

Yakima_Gulag said...

I have come to hate the whole subscription only thing. It is bad enough that my favorite free source of information is so bugged and virused that I can't go there in an internet cafe.
I have access to local press and media so it isn't as bad as it would be for people outside the region. A lot of the better media is free on-line though.