Saturday, June 21, 2008

City Break: Belgrade

It is not exactly the Exit Festival, but last week Belgrade beat out Helsinki and Athens to host "City Break"; a business to business exibition promoting European tourism.
More on the event, which was held on June 9-10th can be found here.
As well as a promo video on Belgrade.


Daniel (Srebrenica Genocide Blog) said...

"City of Culture"? Well, not according to my Serbian friend who visited Belgrade last year. He says that the city Bus driver took his shirt off because he felt the weather was too hot. He didn't mind showing off his hairy chests and armpits in a public bus. Some bus riders were smoking in the bus. The city is dirty. And looks more like a communist bastion of Russia, than a modern European city.

Well, that's according to my Serbian friend. But, I personally haven't visited Belgrade. It simply doesn't appeal to me, and it will never come close to modern European Sarajevo.

Kirk Johnson said...

Daniel, you sound a bit snobbish my friend!

If you want a dirty city full of chain-smokers, check out Sofia, Bulgaria. I love that city, for some reason (besides the obvious "my wife is from there" reason, of course!).

I'd say that anything which opens up Belgrade to the rest of Europe is good for Serbs, good for Serbia, good for the western Balkans as well.