Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Look! (And Goodies)

Eh, not really, as I think I had this layout before at one time. I really should dust off one of my html/web design books that I bought a few years ago, study up and create my own layout-but in the meantime, blogger templates work just fine.
Although I do wish that their template program would allow more flexibility when it comes to creating layout; sort of like a Frontpage editor for blogger.

I also added some more links to the blogroll. Perceptive readers will notice that I changed the title from "Balkan Blogroll" to simply "Blogroll" as now I'm linking to blogs from Central Europe to Central Asia.

Also, the description changed as well. Bosnia, will still be the main focus of the blog, but I'm probably also going to write more about other countries in the region, and beyond.

Anyways, now for the extras: Balkan newsfeed from Google (which is apparently making us all stupid .

And now for the goodies: links to, what are in my opinion, 5 of the greatest songs of all time. My music taste is eclectic and runs the gamut from mainstream top 40, punk-pop, rap, classical, praise, classic rock, alternative, showtunes, Motown... hopefully, you get the point right now.
Anyways, whether I'm listening to Rachmaninoff, Hole, or the Black Eyed Peas; these 5 songs are always near the top of my list of favorites.
They should all be the full song-except for Bonnie Bramlett's cover version of "You've Really Got A Hold On Me" because I wasn't able to find a complete version on youtube.

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Daniel said...

I welcome your decision to write about Balkan region in general. Bosnia is part of the Balkans, and it's only natural to talk about the whole region.