Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Articles

There are some interesting Bosnia-centric articles this weekend.

In Sarajevo headscarves uncover generation gap

Bridge of Hope

Croatian Premier says Bosnia's main problem is status of Croats

Perfect Villans, Flawed Tribunal


Anonymous said...

Karadzic arrested this evening!

Shaina said...

thanks for the news

I'll have to go check out justwatch- right now.

Yakima_Gulag said...

On the scarf situation, I am a Christian who practices modest attire.

I am often around Muslims who don't wear scarves.

I also see quite a few niqabis in the area, several live in my part of town. Most of the women who cover that much are married to men who came from other countries during the war. People who wear a scarf, well that is normal here at this point. Right after the war it wasn't except among women over 40 or 50 who came from villages.

One also sees obviously Muslim women in scarves and then knee length skirts. That is a weird thing, because if you are going to wear a scarf and tie it so it covers every bit of hair and then show your legs....well isn't that a contradiction? It's often women over 60 too.

I think it is a shame when families quit speaking to one another over this issue! Either way! BiH is such a family oriented country that it is really devastating to a person to get ostracized by their family.