Thursday, September 25, 2008

Due to the economic crisis I am temporarily suspending my blog.

Dear readers:

Yes, I know this a major sacrifice on my part. But, until a deal is agreed upon, I cannot in good conscious blog. I know I'm making an enormous self-sacrifice (no *thank you!*); but in times like these-sacrifice is required.

I await your praise and accolaids...


Anonymous said...

If I didn't know you better I'd suspect you were being sarcastic!

Kirk Johnson said...

I assume you will appearing on many other blogs, leaving comments about how you are suspending blogging?

That's how McCain "suspended" his campaigning, after all!

Shaina said...


Actually, I expected that every other blogger would suspend their blog as well. After all-if I'm not blogging-what's the point?


Daniel said...

This is a financial crisis. Collapse of the capitalist financial system. And it's a good thing due to availability of beaten down cheap stocks. This is a great time to invest.

Who is at fault for this mess? It's not one person, it's the greedy deregulated capitalist system that simply doesn't work. Banks give away billions of dollars in loans, and only show "interest" as profit on their balance sheet. In reality, they will never see most of their principal. People steal money, people abuse the system, people go bankrupt, people die, not to mention extending credit to people who already have bad credit. Hopefully this system crashes so Americans learn to live without 2 three cars and 2 houses. It's time for reality check.