Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wow a new post!

Since its been over a month since my last posting-here is something new (or at least new to me).

Old Bosnian Postcards

A blog featuring a huge archive of old postcards from Bosnia, mostly dating from the Austrian-Hungarian period.


Daniel (Srebrenica Genocide Blog) said...

Wow! A new post! And few seconds ago I was wondering what the heck is going on with Bosnia Vault Blog. No postings? So I decided to come and check one more time. And to my surprise, Wow! There was a new post! Perfect, you made my day. Keep posting more! We love your posts.

Kirk Johnson said...

What a great site--thanks Shaina!

Great to hear from you again as well.

Shaina said...

Thanks guys!

LOL I didn't even realize that I didn't blog for over a month until *I* checked back a few days ago.
Now its off to read some blogs.

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