Wednesday, December 03, 2008

But wait, there's more

At first I was going to publish a reminder about CNN's "Scream Bloody Murder" special, airing tomorrow, about those who speak out against genocide.
Particulary since that was one of the main motivations for starting this blog in the first place; but alas, I've been beaten to the punch (certainly not for the first time) but the Americans For Bosnia Blog. Which also has further information about the show.

But as the title says...

And while I'm sure no one's surprised, Samantha Power is back working for the Obama administration (if she ever really was let go in the first place); as part of the "agency review team" for the State Department.

EDIT: Power has a position with the transition, although as the linked article states, there is a strong possiblity that she will continue to have potentially substansive role in the incoming administration.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news about Samantha Power. I wonder how she and Hilary C will be able to coexist but we shall see.

Daniel said...

CNN has special edition for Srebrenica genocide, take a look at this link:


Daniel said...

Kirk Johnson said...

This makes me feel a little better about Obama giving Sec of State to Hilary. A little.

It's great that Obama learned so much from "Team of Rivals" but when I heard that he nominated HRC for the job, I wanted to scream "But Seward was an honorable and decent man!"

Daniel said...

Just a note: Link to Americans For Bosnia Blog on your post is broken - it does not work.

Shaina said...

Hey everyone, thanks for your comments-sorry i've haven't been as active on the blog as I wanted to lately (if only I had 100 hrs in a day!);

Daniel: I feel like such an idiot, after posting an article about the show-I almost forgot to watch it! I turned on right when the Bosnia section was ending-so I wasn't able to watch that section of the show. Was it just on Srebrenica or did it also focus on the ethnic cleansing campaign in 1992? Because I think that in order to put Srebrenica in proper context-you need to begin with the widespread atrocities against the Bosniak community in e. Bosnia which created the need for a safe area in the first place; and how those atrocities where part of a political plan to create an "ethnically pure" Serb Republic along the Drina.

Owen: that's the million dollar question; and of course it does depend on what role (if any) Power takes in the actually admin.

Kirk: What are your thoughts on Susan Rice's appointment to the UN? Apparently Obama is making the position more important than it was under Bush/Bolton-who made his contempt for the UN pretty clear.
From everything I've read, Rice does seem to want to make ammends for the dismal performance of the state dept (which she was a part of during Rwanda).
Here is an excerpt from her tesitmony on Darfur.

Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 11, 2007, in favor of authorizing United States military action against Sudan if the genocide in Darfur continued: “Some argue that it is unthinkable in the current context. True, the international climate is less forgiving than it was in 1999 when we acted in Kosovo. Iraq and torture scandals have left many abroad doubting our motives and legitimacy. Some will reject any future U.S. military action, especially against an Islamic regime, even if purely to halt genocide against Muslim civilians. Sudan has also threatened that Al Qaeda will attack non-African forces in Darfur — a possibility since Sudan long hosted bin Laden and his businesses.

“Yet, to allow another state to deter the U.S. by threatening terrorism would set a terrible precedent. It would also be cowardly and, in the face of genocide, immoral.