Monday, July 17, 2006

Activism: BosFam

As I promised in my first post, part of the purpose of this blog is to also highlight positive news and activist news out of Bosnia. For my first post on this subject-I would like to highight BosFam.

BosFam stands for Bosnia Family, it is an NGO founded in 1994 and based out of Tuzla. BosFam trains women, most of them refugees from throughout Eastern Bosnia, on making traditional Bosnian rugs and making other clothes. A large number of BosFam workers are displaced refugees from Srebrenica and many of them have lost most of their male family members in the massacre. A number of these women are now their family's sole providers, and BosFam offers the women an opportunity to support their families.

Beyond helping women economically, BosFam offers a place where women, many whom have been traumatized by the war, can work and socialize with each other. By giving these women to share their fears and hopes, and by giving them the opportunity to work with other women who have experienced similar trauma, BosFam's work is very therapeutic as well.

BosFam has also been at the frontlines helping foster reconciliation between women of all ethnicities. All women, regardless of their religious or ethnic background are welcome to work for BosFam. In 2003, BosFam helped organize the first multi-ethnic party in Srebrenica since the events of 1995. The event featured a fashion show and a folk dance troup.

How you can help BosFam:

BosFam is looking for organizations to for $1000 sponsor a weaver and two apprentices that the core weaver will help train in the art of making traditional Bosnian rugs, thereby allowing more women to provide for their families.
Sponsorship Program

Shop at BosFam, BosFam has an online shop on their website, featuring a wide variety of products.
Shop at BosFam


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Also, has some Bosfam rugs left over from an exhibition in Washington, DC for sale:

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