Sunday, July 30, 2006

Justice: Bosnia v. Serbia-Montenegro

Although it has been ignored by the world media; the International Court of Justice has heard arguments in the landmark case of Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Serbia and Montenegro. The case in the first one where a state has accused another state of genocide.

The actual hearings, which included oral and written evidence from both sides; concluded a few months ago. The case is being deliberated right now.

If there is an affirmation for BiH's position, I think that this case will be instrumental in proving the legal responsibility of the Milosevic regime for the genocide against the Bosniaks.
It would also contribute to the already massive legal and scholarly opinion (ICTY rulings, rulings by international courts, UN investigations, CIA investigations, NGO investigations, etc.) that states without hesitation that genocide occurred against the Bosniaks of Bosnia.

Here is an interview from DANI, a Sarajevo Weekly which discusses the overall merits of the case:
Dani article

Sense Agency has briefings of the highlights in the case:
Sense Agency

The official case docket, with pleadings and arguments from lawyers representing both BiH and SAM.
ICJ Docket

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Jefferson said...

Bosnia's lawyers are "awkward". They forgot to mention that on at least 5 occassions, ICTY rulled that international conflict took place in Bosnia.